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Interview With Screenrant
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Alexandra has recently had an interview with Screenrant.com. In the interview, she talks about her fear of horror movies, her character in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Interview With The New Potato
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Alexandra recently spoke with the website The New Potato about her favorite places to eat in LA.

The place for Sunday brunch…

La Provence or Hugo’s. La Provence has amazing chocolate chip muffins and a great half salad/soup combo (they also have amazing cakes). Hugo’s has an extensive and interesting menu with something to offer everyone, including vegetarians, vegans and gluten-free options.

The place to go when you’re in the mood for a scene…

At Hugo’s, I’ve seen a celebrity almost every time I’ve been there, so if you want to go celebrity spotting…For more of a club scene, Sayers, located in the back of a Papaya King, always has great music and a great crowd.

Where to get drinks to kick the night off?

The Village Idiot on Melrose is great. They have a great beer and wine selection and good small-portion appetizers.

Where to get drinks after work?

I’m into laid-back, dive bar type places most of the time, and St. Nick’s on West 3rd is a great place to hang out and unwind.

Favorite area in LA for food…

I live in Los Angeles on the border of West Hollywood near Beverly Hills, so this is where I eat most often and I think it’s pretty great. There’s a lot to choose from. On Canon, there are at least six fantastic Italian restaurants within walking distance of each other.

What’s your favorite dinner spot?

Drago, one of the Italian places on Canon, is fantastic. The salmon and the lasagna are incredible.

The place to get the best power lunch…

La Scala, also on Canon, is known for it’s chopped salad. At lunch time, it’s a sea of agents and chopped salads.

What’s the perfect spot to mix business and pleasure?

The Soho House. People go there for meetings and to mingle.

A hidden food gem that won’t stay hidden for long…

I love sushi, but on the weekends especially all the great sushi places are packed. Ajisai in West Hollywood has amazing sushi, great service and you can always get a table. The Mr. Shoei Roll – spicy garlic shrimp roll sauteed with sesame oil – is particularly delicious. I can’t figure out why more people don’t go there.

What’s your favorite late night hang out?

I’m not a big party person, so my late nights usually consist of going to see a movie at the Arclight theater and having frozen yogurt and/or popcorn. Also, at the Arclight Hollywood, there’s a Body Factory smoothie place that has really great smoothies with all kinds of different flavors. (I’m sooo cool)

The great restaurant you recently discovered…

La Poubelle. I went there for the first time last week and everyone loved their meals. The truffle brussel sprouts are insanely delicious. They’re so good I’d eat them instead of dessert.

What’s the best health food spot?

Erewhon has an extensive collection of health foods that you won’t find in one place anywhere else. Earth bar in West Hollywood has a great smoothie menu and makes fresh wheat grass juice if that’s your thing.

Your favorite place to camp out for the night…

Outside of a twilight premiere?

Where to go for the best breakfast?

La Conversation on Doheny has great omelets and a cute and bright decor. They have something called “Dante’s breakfast special” which is Two Eggs, two pumpkin pancakes and choice of Canadian bacon, turkey sausage or smoked bacon…. It’s very popular and very yummy.

The LA restaurant that never goes out of style…

El Coyote on Beverly Blvd. has been around forever. Great food and great margaritas.

Alexandra In Entertainment Weekly
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Alexandra is featured in the July 22nd issue of Entertainment Weekly. She talks a little bit about her lead role in Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and doing a lot of screaming.

Jokes From A Beautiful Woman
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When 25-year-old Alexandra Daddario got her first real acting gig at 16, she lacked a few basic skills. “I didn’t know where my camera was,” she says. “And I was a little bit shy — very shy.” As you can see, she got over her shyness (and learned how to find the camera), but when she moved from New York to Los Angeles more than a year ago, there was still one important thing she didn’t know how to do: drive. Which meant that for four months, despite starring in a movie that would go on to gross more than $200 million — last year’s Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief — Daddario rode the bus. She’s since moved on to better transportation (a Nissan Sentra) and to movies for more mature audiences, like the new Farrelly brothers comedy Hall Pass (out now). In it, she plays a flirtatious babysitter who tries to seduce Owen Wilson. “I sort of cause problems for him,” she says, though we can’t imagine how.

“I Failed My Driving Test Three Times!”
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Alex has been featured in Genlux magazine. In her interview she confesses she failed her driving test three times, and reveals her obsession with Steve Martin. You can read and see the scans in our gallery.

Alex Interview
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I’m so happy right now! I contacted Alexandra’s publisher about a month ago and the other day I got a email back! She was kind enough to agree to letting us get some exclusive questions! Here’s the interview:

How do you think acting has changed your life?

“It’s been a great adventure and learning experience so far. I’ve been able to meet
a lot of wonderful, brilliant people; I’ve been able to travel, move to Los Angeles,
and accomplish things I never thought I was capable of.”

What part of acting is the most appealing?

“Acting was something I gravitated towards when I was young. Movies always inspired
me. There are so many stories in life that I feel it is important to tell and being
part of telling them and inspiring other people is incredibly rewarding. Working on
a film like Percy was particularly amazing because I saw myself reflected in so many
of the fans of the movie and the books. It’s wonderful to be part of what inspired
me when I was young. I think you should always try to do work you love, and I love
acting. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this business.”

Since you’ve become an actress, what’s the most exciting experience you’ve had?

“It’s hard to choose just one. The first commercial I booked was so insanely
exciting. I couldn’t sleep the night before and still had tons of energy on set. And
everything I booked after that – just knowing that I was going to be on a set was
enough to send me into fits of jumping up and down and screaming like a maniac. Kind
of like when Abigail Breslin finds out she’s going to be in the beauty pageant in
“Little Miss Sunshine.” Being able to meet other actors who have been doing this
much longer than I have, and to hear their wisdom – that is pretty exciting as well.
Another moment that stands out: We traveled to San Francisco for the first
Percy event and everyone screamed as we walked in. I think you can see the look of
shock on my face in the video. It was exciting to be part of something so huge.”

What was it like working with Logan Lerman?

“Working with Logan was great. He’s a fantastic actor and a wonderful person. I’ve
said it many times, but I am truly lucky to have worked with such funny, smart and
kind people.”

Will you be coming to Michigan any time soon?

“Unfortunately, I don’t have plans to go to Michigan as of now. But a lot of
projects are shooting there, so you never know!”

What do you have coming up?

“Up next, I have a movie coming out called Hall Pass on February 25, 2011. I also
just wrapped an episode of White Collar that will air in January.”

Percy Jackson & The Olympians Deleted Scene
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I found a deleted scene from Percy Jackson on YouTube. I’ll try and get some screen captures and add them to the gallery when it’s up. I also found a interview with Alexandra about why kids love Percy Jackson. Enjoy!

Alexandra Talks About Kissing Logan Lerman
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It’s been one month since Percy Jackson came out on DVD and JustJared did a interview with Alexandra to celebrate.

On smooching with Logan: “Oh it [the kiss] was fine. This was sort of towards the end of filming so we were all such good friends at that point that I didn’t even think about it. Movie kisses are different that real kisses. It’s hard to believe but when you’re acting you don’t even…I don’t know how to explain it but you know we shot two endings and I think they decided the other ending made more sense as far as the relationship and what was true in the book.”

On being aware of the fans when she was cast as Annabeth: “I was aware of the negativity towards my being cast. I hadn’t heard or read the books before I was cast because they were geared toward younger audience but I read the book before I read the screenplay. I think I got a good sense of who Annabeth was through the book and the screenplay. She is a very tough smart girl and that was a lot of fun to play. Even though I wasn’t physically similar to the book Annabeth, I think it’s what’s on the inside that counts and I had a lot of fun playing her and I really respect her as a character.”

On her next project, Hall Pass: “It’s a Farrelly Brothers movie with Owen Wilson and Jenna Fischer. The cast is huge and it’s such an amazing cast. It happened very last minute. I think I got a call and then sort of similar to Percy; I was on a plane in two days and it was great. I even celebrated my birthday with some of the cast. It’s a very, very funny movie with a very talented cast and I think it’s going to be great.” Source.