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Vote For Us In The Site Choice Awards!
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Hey guys, I know I have the absolute best visitors in the WORLD so I hope you can do this one, teeny tiny, itty bitty, little thing for me. Would you vote for our site in the Site Choice Awards? We’re up against some pretty amazing sites, and I’m honored to be up against them, but we gotta kick their butts, okay? (; So please, please, go vote for Alex-DaddarioFans.com under the Best Fansite #3.

I hope to see you all in the top 5 sites!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, we didn’t place in the top 5 of our category so we didn’t make it to round two of voting. Thank you to everyone who did vote and I appreciate it. There’s always next time.

Alex Daddario Fans Fanlisting
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Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? A fanlisting. I personally have never tried one before, but I heard they’re really cool to interact with other fans of that certain celebrity. So I thought I’d try one out for the site since there’s a lot of pretty avid Alex fans out there. So sign up and lets all figure out how this thing works together!

Thanks to Tholaire for making the beautiful layout!

Lack Of News
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Sorry about the lack of news guys. Alexandra seems to be filming Texas Chainsaw Massacre right now, but once the movie starts to get closer to the release date, there should be much more news to be told!  I’m also pretty busy with school as well as working on the site to make it even bigger and better! So please just bear with us as Alexandra begins to do some more press and as we slowly make the site bigger.

Happy Holiday’s From Alex Daddario Fans
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I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Hannaka or whatever it is you celebrate! This is the second Christmas for Alex Daddario Fans, and it’s so cool to know that! I hope you all have a blessed Holiday.

Edited: New Layout + All Parenthood Screencaptures
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What do you all think of the new layout? Love it? Hate it? I for one, LOVE it. I edited the layout but the theme is from Starszz. I love it so much. Any ways, I’ve FINALLY added some screencaptures from a few of Alex’s appearances on Parenthood, thanks to Sara. Enjoy!

Please do not upload these anywhere else.

Gallery Links:

Home > Movies & TV Shows > 2011: Parenthood > 03×11: “Missing”
Home > Movies & TV Shows > 2011: Parenthood > 03×10: “Mr. Honesty”
Home > Movies & TV Shows > 2011: Parenthood > 03×09: “Sore Loser”
Home > Movies & TV Shows > 2011: Parenthood > 03×08: “In-Between”

New Layout!
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I’m so in love with this layout! How incredible is it? Wow, it’s amazing. Thoughts? I’m also trying to fix the gallery! I’m still not able to upload any photos.

New Gallery Theme!
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It felt like we’ve had the same gallery theme for months! So I’ve changed the theme. I hope you all enjoy it! Thanks to Gabe for Starszz.

One Year(And One Month!) Online!
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Wow, can you believe we’ve already been online for a full year? It’s crazy to think in one year, we’ve got 160 followers on Twitter and Alexandra as one of them, in the last year we’ve had 14,569 unique visitors and have added on to the site by adding a style site. I’m so proud of how far this site has come and excited to see where it will go. I hope everyone keeps visiting and giving me suggestions on Twitter. I love getting a @ mention having someone tell me they love the site! So, thank you all! It means the world to me. I cannot thank you all enough!

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Note: This post is a sticky, all recent updates are below this post.

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Here’s how you can get in this amazing offer.

- When you come to the site, we have two ads. One above the header, and one near the bottom in the sidebar. Both of these ads will always display the LivingSocial ad for you to sign up. You can use either or to sign up, it does not matter which you use!
- Type in your local zip-code and e-mail you’d like the coupons to be e-mailed to, and where it says “Site,” PLEASE type in http://alex-daddariofans.com/ . MAKE SURE you type in http://alex-daddariofans.com! You do NOT have to be a staff member here to type this in, just as long as you’re a visitor!
- Click on ‘Continue’ and voila! You have now joined LivingSocial and check your e-mail daily for some amazing offers!


Also let us know if you’ve done this by tweeting @AlexDaddarioCom, or leaving a comment below so we can keep track!

NOTE: We have no control on any offers or e-mails through LivingSocial, nor are we affiliated to them. There is no purchase or commitment necessary to receive these offers. Everything is completely free. For more information on how LivingSocial works, please click here. You can unsubscribe to receiving deals from LivingSocial at any time.

Style Site Open!
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Our style site is now open-again! I’ve changed the guides and am working on a separate site for the hair and makeup guides that will be located on the site as well. Enjoy and leave your comments about the site!

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